how to make homemade colour for holi 2018

How to make homemade colour for holi 2018

 how to make homemade colour for holi-happy holi

Mix red sandalwood powder with whole grain flour or processed flour. Mix sindoor powder with entire grain flour or processed flour. Mix turmeric and g flour to obtain a bright yellow powder. Dry and crushed flame of the forest flowers may be employed to make orange powder. Finely crushed powder of dried fenugreek or mint. Henna powder blended with flour . @wet@. Boil beetroot in water or soak overnight in vessel. Use crushed rose petals saturated in water. Mix red sandalwood powder. Red hibiscus flowers soaked in immediately in water. Use the juice pomegranate, tomato or carrots . The juice will need to be diluted with water to remove any stickiness or thick feel. 

Turmeric blended with water. Boil marigold flowers in the water. Boil peels of pomegranate in water. Soak a few sprigs of saffron in a liter of water. This gives a beautiful yellow color, though it's an expensive option because of the large price of saffron. Tesu flowers boiled or soaked overnight give a bright orange yellow color. Henna powder blended with water will give it a brilliant orange. Grated beetroot chukandar saturated in water. Pomegranate seeds impregnated with water. Mix the paste of green leafy vegetables. Use couple leaves of spinach, coriander, fenugreek or radish in water to make green coloured water. 

Boil spinach or coriander leaves. Mix henna powder and Indian gooseberry in water for a bright brown color. Tea leaves or coffee boiled in water. Allow to cool before using. Juice of black blossoms or jambul diluted with water to remove stickiness. Never leave your child unattended particularly near crowds or strangers. Even in the home, there may be bathtubs or buckets of water or muddy colors lying around. Infants can drown in very shallow water. Keep your Holi celebrations at a famous place - either in home or even a relative or friend's home. If you're observing at a public location or in an apartment chemical, there may be acquaintances or people you don't know whose actions may be unpredictable. 

Older kids frequently throw water balloons or squirt their own water pistols indiscriminately. In case you need to move outside, be extremely cautious. There are frequently drunk people about and some even throw stones in unsuspecting individuals. Take an umbrella to defend yourself and your child from whatever flying around. Be cautious when passing close substantial rises as anything thrown in the height may cause more serious injuries.

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