Holi Fact And Images 2018

 holi fact #01 - Holi has it's origin in india which marked the welcom of spring

It is the fact that there several incidents happened in history of colour festival . To recall the history of holi people accept and form some kind culture of having colours on this day. 

holi fun facts #02 - Holi brings people from all classes and background together thus removing signs of iequality

The best thing as Indians we feel that people remove all thinking about color, caste, creed, and background to enjoy the moment fully. On behave of Indians, the national festival is a sign of equality like all Indian used to do at a cricket match.

                            holi fact image 03

holi fun fact #04

holi fun fact #04

holi fun fact #06

holi fun fact #07

holi fun fact #08

holi fun fact #09

holi fun fact #10


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