Holi Festival The origin- Happy Holi 2018

happy holi festival 2018
Happy Holi Festival 2018 

  What is Holi?

       Holi is best known for colours and celebrated as “festival of colours”.On this day whole world       celebrate Holi in different parts of the world like South Africa, Stanford University,     NYC,Russia, Brazil, Malaysia, Netherlands, Germany.

 Holi festival of colours is celebrated with happiness and enthusiasm. Generally, people stress out   from their life and enjoy the beauty of nature’s colour.
 Basically, In our country, Holi is celebrated as  two-day event which is known as

 On holi celebration day , people used play with colours and some people are enjoying with holi   special dishes and sweet, and one most popular thing is thandai that is famous amongst   youngsters.And there is a rhythm of dholak and sing traditional songs as well as bollywood’s holi songsand people going to act like the crazy fellow.On this day people wishes each other by saying the   word " Happy Holi" or other than that sometimes "Holi Hai".

Origin of Holi

      According to Vaishnava theology, there is a story of a king of demon s called Hiranyakashipu. Somehow he won the heart of Lord Brahma and achieved a power of not being killed. He has been granted and shall not killed in the day or night, neither using a weapon nor by philosophy, not inside a house or outside, neither by man nor by an animal, not on earth or not on the sky. And after that, his demand was that god and people should worship him.
      Hiranykashipu had a son named Prahlada and his own sister named Holika.  Hiranyakashipu decided to kill his son because after warning by his father not to worship Lord Vishnu but he never listened to his father.Hiranykashipu failed the attempts to kill his son so, he decided finally to make his son sit on his sister Holika lap on a funeral which is set by a  fire.Hiranyakashipu's sister Holika, the demoness had an advantage which would prevent her from burning. When the funeral was started burning, Prahlada came out unharmed from the pyre where Holika got burned into ashes.
     The burning of Holika in the pyre is celebrated as Holi festival.

The Spring Festival 'Holi' is celebrated by the Hindu community residing all over the world

How the world celebrate Holi festival ?

happy holi festival 2017 doodle
Happy Holi Festival Google Doodle 

Source: Google

     This is how google celebrate Holi around the internet.Basically, Google makes a doodle by their doodle creator or artist or designer team and upload it to the homepage of the search engine by their support team.   

      As we know that google every year change their homepage screen due to the different festival.For Holi google team initiates doodling with a Special Holi Graphics

Below is the timeline | history of Google Holi doodles --- 

happy holi festival doodle
Happy Holi Doodle

Look at below for Google Office Celebration

Source: Youtube

This youtube video is about how Holi being celebrated in Google office campus.

In India and Nepal, people celebrate the festival at the start of spring season and in recent years it has been adopted by the non-hindus  people of USA, UK or whole Europe continent.

 "London boast one of the largest Hindu communities in Whole UK."

How bollywood celebrate Holi ?

happy holi images 2018

         This is the Link for Sushant Singh Rajput images source.
Hindu society reside in south asia also celebrate holi in calm manner.It is not like the people in india mostly called gully holi played in hilarious manner which may cause accident.
hindu religious practices and beliefs observed in many temples, on the streets.

Study says that hinduism ranks among londons most vibrant religious traditions.

happy holi images 2018
happy holi images 

                    Pichkaari is used by Gulzar.

 Using is some kind of fun for children especially.But pickaari use water as the main source and that why is there is so much of wastage of water.Dry holi is the best way to play holi 2018.It's your wish how you going to play holi but before holi concern about wastage of water. 

actor Gulshan Grover and indian playback singer Sukhwinder Singh celebrate holi with each other

     shabana azmi and filmmaker Ashutosh Gowariker

shabana Azmi and filmmaker Ashutosh Gowariker 

Sunny Leone with her husband Daniel Weber

jimmy Fallon shares a picture on Instagram it looks like Jimmy Fallon host of a show enjoyed so much the festival of colours "holi".During the Priyanka Chopra promotions for her movie, baywatch on 26 may 2017 in the USA.priyanka Chopra and Jimmy Fallon celebrating hole

Actress priyanka chopra celebrates holi in New York City.
Actress Priyanka chopra selfie of her celebrating holi in NYC. Actress priyanka chopra enjoying the festival of colours with full of enthusiasm .She wore a denim tees with HOLI written on it.   

Actress Priyanka Chopra in JIMMY FALLON's THE TONIGHT SHOW

For many, it's a festival to meet buddies, mend relationships, and also to forgive and forget.  As he grew up, he feared that his blue colour would make the fair skinned goddess Radha fail to fall in love with him.  The Holi Festival is mainly a Hindu festival, especially celebrated in India and Nepal.