10 do's and don't during holi playing 2018

10 do's and don't during holi playing 2018


1. Make use of all herbal colours as tea leaves, henna, turmeric, marigold flowers as they're eco and skin friendly.
 If natural colors aren't available, then ensure better quality colours. Use colors in diluted form instead of the raw pulverized form. Colors like red and pink won't only looks good, but additionally easy take off. Drink plenty of water to help hold your body hydrated as your skin tends to dehydrate with the use of chemicals. Shield your peepers from severe chemicals, own a pair of sun glasses that can help to refrain from dust and hues. Opt for clothes that cover the maximum exposure of the skin on defend from colours. 

Ex: full sleeves tee, 3/4th sleeve kameez, mandarin collar kurta&hellip, and more. Put on the old clothing that feasible to wash immediately. Carry anti-bacterial Lotion, Dettol, or Savlon because there are chances to get hurt while playing holi. If any irritation occurs due to colors, …

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